Boreal 2017 N•1, Back in the water, Saturday 29th April

Back to Isafjordur to prepare the launch of Boreal after the Icelandic winter.

For the first few days, I was gifted with a great weather. 

But not much time to enjoy it as I had to press on with a lot of work to prepare for the launch: antifouling, new haylyard, deep cleaning inside tryinf to remove all the fiber glass dust left by the winter work in the shower. Well it’s been a busy week.

Here is an interesting technic to place moorings for the summer period. Put it simply, call it “catch, pull, drag”… Here is the video:

And the next one is ready.

Unfortunately the launch has been delayed by a spring storm ( and at the last moment we had to fix again the wooden legs that provided Boreal with stability through the winter.

Eventually, on Saturday morning, 45 minutes before cathcing my flight, we got an opportunity to get Boreal iback in the water. She is now waiting for us at the buoy in Isafjordur.