[Boreal ABE 2016] N°3, Sunday 21th August 2016, Isafjordur 66•04N 23•07W

Today we’ve been waiting for a weather window to leave for Greenland but we have made the most of our day. 

Rodolphe, Stephanie and their two children joined us on board.

First a great stopover in Vigur Island, where we could not find any puffins. Puffins come to nest in Vigur mid-May/early June. At the peak, there are supposidly 30,000 puffins on the island. Too late for us, they were all gone, fed and rested, for their winter migration. Fun facts: did you know  that puffins did not live on land during winter? They spend the winter in the Atlantic Ocean where they loose all their colours. Then they come back to Vigur. 

Then we’ve been stocking fish. A few hours in the fjord and 21 fishes layed on deck. 

That’s only the beginning

In addition to a large cod, Greg caught:

a seagull

and a starfish…

As I am writing, Greg is still busy smoking the fish. We have enough for a few days. 

11pm, Isafjordur Custom officer just texted me that he’s coming on board tomorrow at 8:30am to give our clearance (that rifle again). So off to bed. We have 40 hours before Greenland.