[Boreal ABE 2016] N°4, Monday 22th August 2016, Isafjordur 66•04N 23•07W

That’s it. We had the clearance to go. Boreal and its crew are now heading to Greenland. The Vestfjords are shrouded in dense fog this morning and we had to find the green channel marks one by one to avoid grounding Boreal on the airport runway, which happens to be by the sea side. 

Since 5 am, a loud fog horn has been sounding waking up the population of Isafjordur. The people are making a joke on Facebook of this cruise ship captain who is religiously blowing the horn every 3 minutes. 

Well, it’s a big one and it is vomiting a noria of small motor boats to disembark its 2650 passengers. We just had a near miss. 

MS Koningsdam, vessel length 299m vessel width 40m


MS Koningsdam

We will soon be off network so the next blog communication will come through satellite via my lovely wife, who accepted to do the shore based administration on top of her daily job at HSBC. What could I do without her….

So do not expect photos before some time. 

Keep well and see you all further West.